What is our church about?

At Midland Alliance Church, we believe that people reach their full potential by following Jesus.

We have three core values infused into our church culture:

All ages

we are proud to have every generation well represented and appreciative of each other 


we love that MAC has all kinds of people, different worship styles, and a myriad of ministries.

Active global missions

We have people connected to our church bringing the hope of Jesus to hurting and needy people in various countries around the world.

For everyone who gets connected with our church, our desire is threefold:


Jesus welcomed everyone to follow him; we want to do the same.


Want to take another step in your faith journey?  We will help you get connected so you can move forward.


We believe people can become leaders and influencers.  We want to raise up people who make a difference in the church and the community.

What is the Alliance about?

We are part of the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada. Read more about our denomination here.

New to church or faith? Great!

Jesus invited regular people just like us to come and follow him. We believe everybody is on a journey of faith and life. We want to help one another move forward in that journey. We would love to have you drop by for a service and check us out!

Sundays at 10am.
We are at 829 Yonge Street in Midland, across from Norman’s Garden Gallery.
Everyone is welcome, regardless of age, background, lifestyle, religious affiliation or belief system.
Guest parking at the side of the building and a large lot is at the back. Entrance doors are available at the front and rear.
Yes. Disability and close proximity parking is available at the front and rear of the church. There are ramps at both entrances.The sanctuary is accessible via the front entrance
Whatever you like. People wear everything from t-shirts to suits at our church. The atmosphere is casual.
A worship band leads a mix of contemporary and traditional songs. We’re encouraged to participate by standing and singing. We hear some announcements as well as a message from the Bible, but with application to our modern day lives. A typical service is around 70 minutes.
We are pleased to offer both nursery and toddler rooms for the duration of the service. Most Sundays we also offer fun Bible programming for children in Grades JK through 6. Parking spots are reserved for parent(s) with small children.

Growing in faith and life.

Our Leaders

Chris Lewis

Chris Lewis
Senior Pastor

(705) 526-8963 ext. 203

Chris Lewis

Karen MacMillan Office Assistant

(705) 526-8963 ext. 200


Becca Adams

(705) 526-8963

Chris Lewis

Janice Crawford

(705) 526-8963