Next Steps

Want to move forward in your faith journey? Here are some steps to consider.

Belong Don’t wait until you have it all together to get involved with church. You’ll never get there! Start plugging into Sunday services, or take in a midweek class. Try to have an open heart and God will meet you halfway.

Believe The Scriptures tell us that everyone who puts their faith and trust in Jesus become God’s children – just like that! We believe Jesus asks each one of us to begin a faith journey of trusting and following him. Have you? (John 1:12)

Baptism Water baptism is a outer picture of an inner faith. We’re told to believe and be baptized as a public expression of our faith commitment (Acts 2:38). If you have decided to follow Jesus, you should get baptized! Stay tuned for a class where you can learn more or talk to us anytime.

Upcoming Baptism Classes

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